Standard grating

Press-locked bar grating of the highest quality

Our versatile metal bar grating is made with the utmost care by compressing steel bearing and crossbars under high pressure, despite their limited individual weight and high transparency they have an impressive bearing capacity. The rigidity of the grating combined with the frame and the galvanisation process makes it extremely sturdy.

Grating in stock

In addition to the familiar galvanized steel grate, we also offer options in stainless steel, aluminum and fibreglass. The available material choices and standard dimensions ensure that we can provide a quick and economical solution for your project.

Our ties with specialized factories guarantee a versatile and dedicated service to our customers.

Fibreglass reinforced plastic grating

Benefits of fibreglass grating

Our polyester or fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) grating has many unique properties that make them especially suitable for industrial applications.

Fibreglass reinforced plastic is tough, weather resistant and has a very long lifespan. Plastic grates are also chemically resistant, and thanks to their surface they have a natural anti-slip function. Maintenance is unnecessary.

Easily customized and installed

Our fibreglass reinforced plastic grating is easily cut into a tailor-made solution. We recommend an electric saw with a stone or diamond saw (circular saw for straight cuts, jigsaw for curved cuts). They are used as floors, platforms, stairs and walkways. In contrast to a galvanized grating, there is no oxidation, so they are ideal in water-based applications.

Accessories and fasteners

Extensive range has an extensive range of fastening options for all grating types. Different grating clamps / clips are available for each mesh size, hot dip galvanized or stainless steel.

Grating clips

A grating clamp consists of a top bracket or saddle clip, clamp plate, bolt and nut. We supply the clamps hot dip galvanized or in stainless steel, the saddle clip is also available separately. We can also offer double clamps to connect grating, and stainless steel clamps compatible with fibreglass plastic grating mesh size.

Do you need a specific grating clamp or clip that is not available on the site? Contact us and we’ll make an effort to find a solution!

Custom made grating

Is your required grating not available in our selection of standard sizes? Contact us for a custom made grating!