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Standard stair treads

Suitable for industrial, office and residential construction

Our galvanized steel stair treads are essentially press-locked grating with welded-on sketch plates on both sides and equipped with an anti-slip perforated profile. They are ideal for industrial, residential and office building applications, both indoors and outdoors. We can offer a large selection of standard sizes available directly from our stock, in galvanized steel and stainless steel.

The majority of our galvanized stair treads can also be combined with our staircase stringers.

Guaranteed reliability

The mesh size and bearing bar height are adjusted to the width of the stair tread. The extended profile is perforated as anti-slip function and meets current safety requirements.

This ensures that our stair treads are always safe and reliable, both in regular daily use and in situations where the maximum load is tested.

Perfo stair treads

Benefits of perforated stair treads

A perforated stair tread or perfo tread is made of a profile grating and is available in two variations. Both options are a good choice where low visibility is a requirement, for example when fear of heights is a deciding factor. The perforations ensure excellent liquid drainage, anti-slip and are small enough to prevent falling objects.

Additionally, perforated stair treads are more pleasant for walking with heel shoes, animals are also generally prefer perforations over meshed grating treads.

Large stock offers perforated stair treads in various standard sizes, in high quality hot dip galvanized steel!

Perforated profiles

Untreated profiles

Our perforated profiles can be used for constructing a platform easily and quickly, and making perforated stair threads by cutting them to the required size and welding on end plates. Available widths are 210 mm, 230 mm, 240 mm, 250 mm and 270 mm.

Contact us for more information and a target price!


Ladder rungs

In situations where stair space is limited, we can offer ladder rungs in untreated steel at a length of 2 meters, ideal for making safe perpendicular metal stairs.

The perforations in the ladder rung ensure good anti-slip and drainage. You can find the ladder rung in the accessories category!

Custom made stair treads

Is your required stair tread not available in our selection of standard sizes? Contact us for a custom made stair tread!

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