Standard bar grating – 1500x1000mm – 30/3 – Bright steel

185,32  incl. VAT

Weight40,50 kg
Dimensions150 × 100 × 3 mm
Width / Load bearing bars (A)

1500 mm

Length / Cross bars (B)

1000 mm

Height / Thickness load bearing bars

30 mm / 3 mm

Mesh size

33×33 mm


Untreaded, bright steel

Point load allowed (200x200mm)

126 kg taking into account a span width of 1440 mm

Total distributed load allowed

484 kg taking into account a span width of 1440 mm


40,50 kg


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Using your grating correctly

In order to guarantee the load-bearing capacity of the bar grating, it must be placed in a way that the width / load bearing bars bridges the span width, ie the distance between the two supporting points.

Make sure that the surface of the grating resting on the support points is at least at the height / thickness of the grating.

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